Recent Blasphemy

Welcome to 2018!

(Turns on the lights, starts cleaning the cobwebs…)

Well, what do you know! The Devil’s Lair has awakened from a long unscheduled nap. While TDL has had outside contributors in the past, this is still a one-man show, and this one man has had an exhausting last half of 2017. I won’t bore you with the details, since you didn’t ask I won’t tell, but to put it mildly it was like being the last player standing against an entire dodge-ball team. Ah, real life. You so crazy. Nothing that can’t or won’t be overcome of course, but unexpected. A possible move is looming this year as well. Everyone loves moving house, right?

So the last half of 2017 saw any output that I had time for directed at Furious Sound, my podcast at Radio Free Satan. I have no idea if it’s a “smashing success”, but it’s definitely getting listeners. For a podcast in general, that isn’t too shabby. It’s been a blast, and will remain my short term focus, now on a bi-weekly schedule since each episode requires about 25 tracks thanks to the brevity of most punk songs. The playlists take a long time to put together, but it gets me in my studio recording and being creative. A total win.

So what is ahead for The Devil’s Lair in 2018? Same as always, more and improved content. That is entirely up to me of course, so I don’t make you any promises, but just know that this site will continue to grow. Truthfully, I nearly converted it to a Furious Sound website in a momentary fit of frustration, but I think just having a tab on this site for the podcast is best.

The potential I see here at The Devil’s Lair is still a strong (black) flame of possibility. One need only look towards all the other “Satanic” media channels to see a definite shift towards “lifestyle” discussions framed within this religion, as our own “vital existence” remains our individual focal points. This has been my aim as well since assuming the keys to The Devil’s Lair Facebook page in 2016, and it will continue to be the focus here going forward. It has never been about proselytizing, it has been about living by example and outwardly portraying that passion to everyone you encounter. No matter what inside curveballs are thrown at a Satanist (and we get plenty, like everyone else), we wipe the dirt off, get back in the box, dig in, and get ready to swing!

Hail Vital Existence! Hail The Devil’s Lair! Hail YOU!

Hail Satan!

-M (Citizen Matt),

January 1st, LIII A.S.

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