Recent Blasphemy

Launched! “The Satanic Warlock”- New Website

Talk about kicking off a year right! The much anticipated update to “The Satanic Warlock” website happened at midnight on January 1st, 2018. LIII A.S.


From the website:

Welcome to, the home of The Black Guard, the Hellfire Brotherhood, and all those who are Hellborn — the destination where all mysteries and secrets of seduction and superior living for the Satanic man are revealed!

Join us where “The Satanic Warlock,” the groundbreaking new book by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson leaves off, and where you will learn through insightful blogs, posts and video tutorials…”

The website itself is exceedingly slick and professional, a perfect accompaniment to the content and the tone of the book “The Satanic Warlock” by Magister Dr. Robert Johnson, which is now available in a paperback version at Amazon.

See what the hype is all about! I was fortunate to receive the book in it’s original hardcover run and, without giving away the contents, I highly suggest you read it and apply the tools where necessary in your own life. This is real magic!

Of course, you can register at the above website as well for additional videos and information. You do NOT have to be a Satanist to benefit from this so, in 2018…be a Warlock!



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