Recent Blasphemy

Investigating FIVE Victorian Mansions

The start of an interesting series of investigations…

Michelle McKay

ghosts paranormal Michelle McKay Five Haunted Mansions Photo by Michelle McKay

So there I was, sitting on a hoity-toity antique couch in the parlour on the first floor of a Victorian mansion a few nights ago while listening for responses to the questions I was asking the “spirits”.

It was active that night and loud banging rapped back to me from way up in the attic. Why does it have to be the attic, I thought to myself. It’s really creepy up there. I mean, really REALLY creepy. I don’t want to go back up there but I have to…eventually.

I’ve been investigating people’s homes and buildings for over twenty years and have been in many attics. But this attic in particular, I don’t like it and have yet to pinpoint exactly why.

It’s a huge attic, up on the third floor, with so many rooms in it one could easily get lost. That would be just…

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