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Poll Result- To Podcast, or Not?

“So, does that mean a podcast is forthcoming or not? Correct!”

The results are in! Although the total amount of votes is small, but understandable considering the current “low profile” of TDL, I think it’s a safe assumption that these results would probably extrapolate even if a larger segment of visitors participated. The poll is still live, for now, but here is where we stand…


Thank you to the 12 people who took the time to vote. The poll will remain live, as I think it’s still a valid question that needs contemplation.

So, does that mean a podcast is forthcoming or not? Correct!

Okay, maybe that last line is me being facetious, but allow me to explain a bit of where I’m at right now and where The Devil’s Lair is headed.

To be honest, my own personal desire is to move towards an eventual podcast. I have all the means necessary to produce a podcast of aesthetically high quality. I have a home studio that I’ve decked out over the years with enough bells and whistles to hit the ground running with a top-notch, professional sounding podcast. Make no mistake, I love audio production up to and including the minutiae of tweaking EQs and compressors. It is one of my deep passions of life, and if you are a regular at TDL you know that passion is one of my favourite words. So why have I not jumped in feet first already?

Two reasons. Content, and time.

Let’s get “time” out of the way first. I’ve written before about time-management, and suffice to say it is still an ongoing battle. As you may have noticed, I haven’t even given this blog the amount of time I feel I should have so far, because I just simply haven’t prioritized it. It’s super easy to just re-tweet or re-post other CoS projects or events on social media and consider it “working” on TDL, before going back to my own various projects I’m working on. I have no illusions about podcasting. To have a successful podcast, I will need to have regular output to build and keep an audience. This is a large commitment, and IF I go forward I will have to give it the attention it deserves. This means readjusting my priorities, and moving other projects down the ladder. This is a very tough decision.

However, the main obstacle as I see it is content. As you (should) know, there are quite a few outstanding Satanic podcasts out there, both current and defunct. One’s thoughts turn immediately to Reverend Campbell, with his brilliant interview series on YouTube and former 9Sense podcast, Magister Harris and “Satanism Today”, and the very fun and informative “The Devil You Know” with Rev. Shaw and Warlock Dorian Grey. That is only touching the surface of what’s available. Radio Free Satan, anyone? Certainly these podcasts have left a large footprint, but do you try and follow those footprints or find your own path? In my opinion, any new podcast would need to find its own niche.

How do you differentiate yourself? How would you stand out?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself. Do I have an answer? Well, yes. I have a few ideas that I think will work. In the interest of not giving those ideas away I won’t mention them here, but I do have a few concepts that could lead to a sustainable podcast series. I think it’s foolish to expect to have the series length of a Vox Satanae, or The Devil’s Mischief, but it would be nice to have something that doesn’t fizzle out after 10 episodes either. In the end, it’s going to come down to the following equation, with one additional value added.


If or when it happens, it will be up to me to execute it. You will be the first to know.





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