Recent Blasphemy

Site Updates, YouTube, and Polls! Oh My!

“Would you be interested in a Devil’s Lair podcast?”

It’s a Monday, and it’s back to the day job and dealing with regular humans, after an entire weekend spent tweaking the various Devil’s Lair pages. After I was done I felt like the picture above. Now, I just want to listen to the song!

Most of the visual changes are subtle, menus were adjusted, things like that. The biggest addition is the opening of our YouTube page, which begs the question, will we be doing videos? An excellent question! The answer is, ‘probably’. The intent is there, but I’m just not sure yet of the style or format. I have many ideas, sure, but if TDL is going to commit to doing anything like videos they won’t be done half-assed. The bar for Satanic vidcasts has been set very high already, and producing anything of lesser quality will be a waste of valuable time. Should you care to subscribe to the channel now, here is the link. A boost of support before even posting a video would go a long way in the decision process, of course.

The Devil’s Lair Zine on YouTube!

This segues into the next question, and our first attempt at using the poll option. Would you be interested in a Devil’s Lair podcast? Like videos, the bar has been set incredibly high, but I think the question could have also been phrased along the lines of ‘do you think there are too many Satanic podcasts already?’ Anything TDL does would have to be unique, and in a niche not currently filled. I’ll leave the poll up for awhile, comments are welcome. Potential format for a podcast is still in the brainstorming phase.


Thanks for your support!




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