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Game Review: Resident Evil 7 biohazard (PS4)

I recently received the new Resident Evil game (Resident Evil 7: biohazard) in exchange for some old games I no longer wanted.

My initial excitement for this game turned to disillusionment but it makes this review quite interesting. I am familiar with the series, both movie (haven’t seen the new one but heard bad reviews) and the video games. Played since the third was out.

If you liked the recent ones of more action, and just shoot them up in fantastic science fiction landscapes and enemies, you’ll be disappointed. This one plays like its back to basics. Very slow paced. Very Blair Witch like. For example, you pop in a tape and enter it and interact with it in a flashback. I felt the controls needs power steering fluid but the sound is incredible. It still has that suspense to it, I’ll admit I jumped back a bit at one point when I’m unfazed by much.

I was not impressed with the graphics but I bet they’d look phenomenal with the virtual reality set, which I was not at liberty to purchase. It seems like they were going for a movie like experience. I just wish they stepped up the graphics a bit, and the controls were more fluid.

I played a half hour, so I’m barely anywhere, and it’s definitely back to puzzles and problem solving again vs. just annihilation of everything. The items are more interactive (example: a found Texas license actually looks like one). I also was confused as to why there was no starting story. I think they are going for less is more here.

I would recommend this to hardcore fans or people who like old backwoods type horror. If you’re looking for the more intense science fiction stuff like the movies, this isn’t your cup of tea. I would rate this three of five stars. Not amazing, but not something to look past either. Again, I’m not a professional gamer and I only got in 30 minutes. I’d love to check out the VR but it’s not a required item to play this.

Check it out if you’d like to indulge in some nostalgia.

Justin Larsen, Satanist I°


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