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TDL on Politics

Here then, is the official stance of The Devil’s Lair on politics.

There will be NO politics here.


You’re welcome.

Does that mean myself, and the contributors to TDL, are apolitical? Hell no. Is anyone truly apolitical anymore? If so may I come stay with you on a permanent basis on your tropical island, with its sandy beaches and juicy-juicy coconuts?

Nothing makes me more flaccid these days than poring over the relentless barrage of political “discourse”, which lately has degenerated into moronic meme wars on social media. But I digress. The thrust of TDL is to feature articles about living, FUN, and neat things that we are passionate about in our one life. Perhaps, for some of you, political pissing matches provide that stimulation. If so, you are in the golden age of your fetish. Congratulations! There are millions of locales on the internet for you to indulge in your kink. The Devil’s Lair is not one of those places.

Being a Satanic ‘zine, I would highly suggest any of you not familiar with the Church of Satan’s stance on politics, or for those who need a refresher, to consult this article…

The Church of Satan’s Policy on Politics

…which, as usual, summarizes things beautifully.

I will toss one personal opinion bone out to you, make of it what you will, and it is my opinion alone. I believe the media (all sides) are the real enemies right now. Every single damn day, they do nothing but gin up discord and strife. Whether you’re a Satanist or not, whether you understand “Third Side Intelligence” or not, I sincerely hope you can take a step back and recognize this. It’s one thing to manipulate your environment to suit your needs and goals, but it’s also of immense value to be able to sense, to know, when it’s similarly being done to you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Vital Existence.

Hail Satan!


2 Comments on TDL on Politics

  1. Fantastic! I am not sure I am going to do the same on my site, but for the time being I am straying away from it. I definitely appreciate an apolitical outlet in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

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