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Game Review: Final Fantasy XV (PS4) 

I recently purchased the Deluxe edition of Final Fantasy the Deluxe Edition as a gift to myself for Saturnalia. I am not an expert on gaming, or a big gamer at all, but I have some basic familiarity with the Final Fantasy series and have lived in Japan.

I started out as a late bloomer playing VII, which I hear a remake is being made. I then obliterated X and X-2. I had XIII and the other two, but felt it had a horribly boring story line and was not user friendly. I also hate MMORGS and absolutely refused to play the other ones in this series. Call of Duty isn’t my cup of tea. The only time I attempted to play online was to finish off the final boss of Diablo III the expanded edition. That dark angel is a fucker.

This review is not intended as a full review, just my initial impressions as someone reconnected with the series and gaming in general. I actually find it an incredible waste of time and prefer mindless Grand Theft Auto Games or Watch Dogs, which are fun.

The graphics as always are beyond compare. I know SQUARE ENIX blew my mind when I first saw it on PlayStation. I never was into the earlier ones on preceding consoles (Nintendo, etc.) The user friendly start to the game was refreshing. Buttons were well placed, and I didn’t feel like I had to know astrophysics to survive against a squirrel in this installment. I also liked it seemed more real and less fantastic, although admittedly I’m still at the beginning. I’m not big on anime and just got sick of the same old mystical creatures and metropolises in the sky made of crystal. Don’t quote me on it yet. It just seems more real: to me that is my fantasy. A total environment of fake reality instead of obvious fantasy.

Also, this works great because there won’t be spoilers. The combat system is great. I like the characters so far. The node/power up system is back but not insanely complicated compared to others I’ve seen. Switching weapons is a breeze.

The Deluxe Package is quite expensive but it was well worth it and comes with a movie I have yet to view, and it’s not even the lowest package. I feel this is going to be worth every penny and I won’t quote price, you can look for yourself as it may vary in different countries.

I don’t think I can think of a single complaint, except addiction and everything is a vice. Indulge responsibly.

Happy 2017 as we approach LII A.S.

Justin Larsen, Satanist I°


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