Recent Blasphemy

“Art: Rules or Anarchy” by Justin Larsen

“Art lives from constraints and dies from freedom.” -Leonardo da Vinci

I actually agree with this. I saw some joking and also debate on a Picasso piece, I guess Pierce Brosnan was posting in humorous ways on his Instagram. Most joked even that now you can just have a filter better than Picasso.

Hence why I agree with da Vinci. I think art needs rules of at least some realism to be any good. You can’t reproduce the Universe exactly by hand on a crappily made app on iPhone or Android. One may argue you take a picture. However that is a different art form that didn’t exist back then. People are saying art is getting better. I actually disagree. I just think it’s more popular, yet the fine works are not selling. Art has become less creative and more saturated.

Tattooing is a prime example. I truly admire artists that have custom styles and custom ways to approach a piece, and those have always been my favorites to be tattooed by. I remember my first, it was near taboo to have one unless you were a sailor or some ex-con. I’m glad the stigma is fading, however the quality has suffered overall. Regulation is poor and so is pricing, however, I usually barter which offends some artists but I couldn’t care less. I show respect and loyalty to those who show it and it has paid off. This is an amateur opinion and I know people will be defensive.

Take solace in the fact I admit I’m not an artist. I respect it is its own culture, and that people take immense pride in their work. However, criticism should be allowed. Da Vinci himself said the artist should be more self critical than the critics and that a piece is never truly done. Everyone has at least one shitty picture, tattoo, or painting they hate but have fondness for. I do myself: a tattoo on my right arm that was one of the worst as far as the drawing and collaboration. Excellent coloring and subject just annoying execution. I wanted realism not abstract and actually no color.

Fuck it.

Justin Larsen, Satanist I°


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