Recent Blasphemy

…and we are back!

Well, since TDL is (so far) still just me, let’s just say ‘I’m back.’ Considering the relative newness of the blog, and minimal content and traffic so far, it may seem slightly egotistical to do a grand pronouncement of my return.

I’m a Satanist. I have a very healthy ego.

At any rate, I really wish I could tell you that the quiet of TDL was due to a major musical project occupying my time, or a great vacation somewhere away from this god-forsaken frozen tundra that I call home. Unfortunately, it’s entirely due to some increased day-job demands that needed to be addressed before the end of the year and, yes, some medical issues with a close family member that was priority one. Life, as usual, will be difficult at times. Several proverbial curve balls were thrown my way. I missed a couple, but dug in and hit a few as well.

If you happen to follow the TDL Facebook page, I’ve still been active there posting the usual funny (in my opinion) memes and pictures, along with sharing whatever links and events I can from the Official CoS FB page. We are always active, Satanists, and this year has been outstanding in terms of literature and art released by our cabal and the hierarchy. More on that in future blogs.

As it stands, today is the first day of one of my longest holidays from work ever. I’m ‘off’ until January 3rd, an unprecedented break for me. I put ‘off’ in quotes as I’m not traveling any further than Puerto Rec Room and, having a sales career, my phone will remain on for any client requests that come my way. The plan is to consume a ton of coffee for the next few weeks, play some music again, and write as much as I can for TDL ahead of time to ensure regular posts at least through March. If I should get distracted from these tasks by food, drink, and general merriment? Cool!

The short version if you are just scanning…expect to see plenty of new content over the next few months, plus a redesign as I shift TDL from a personal blog to its original intent of being an online Satanic lifestyle ‘zine.

To Vital Existence!

Hail Satan!


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