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Product Review- HeadBlade Sport!

In 1966, Magus Anton Szandor LaVey shaved his head “as part of a formalized founding ritual, in the tradition of medieval executioners, carnival strongmen, and black magicians before him, to gain personal power and enhance the forces surrounding his newly-established Satanic order.” (Source- Church of Satan History: “The Church of Satan“, from

In 2011, I shaved my head because I was already bald as hell.

While it would make for a great personal backstory to have ritually shaved my head on Walpurgisnacht, there is one reason and one reason only that I favour going fully chrome dome. At that time, I was in my 30’s and was looking exactly like my grandfather. Don’t get me wrong, my late grandfather remains the finest man I ever knew in my life, but I can think of any number of ways I could honour him instead of sharing a similar (lack of) hairline.

Things came to a head (pun intended!) when I worked on a short-lived TV series in Canada in 2011. While I had kept my hair virtually shaved for a few years because of my impending baldness, it wasn’t until I saw my noggin on camera that I realized that just using a pair of electric clippers wasn’t going to be enough. I needed to fully commit to shaving my entire head with a razor. Aesthetics demanded it.

Shaving a head is not rocket science, but it does demand a certain level of care and technique. I learned early on that shaving your head regularly requires much more effort than one would expect. Sure, you’ll not have to buy shampoo and conditioner anymore, but when you go for this look it becomes a magnet for eyes just as much as a dyed-green mohawk. You will cut yourself. You will get razor burn. You will alternately burn or freeze your head when in public.

I did all of those things during my early shaving days. Of course, I also realized that there had to be a better way to do this.

Enter the HeadBlade Sport!


(Photo source:

If you’re thinking “Hey! A lawnmower for heads!”, then you are thinking the same thing I did when I first saw it online. After all, that is essentially how it works.

Usage could not be simpler. Slipping the rubberized “ring” on your middle finger, you then proceed to gently draw the blade across your head. No pressure is needed for a smooth shave, and it’s not recommended to press hard at all. Just let the razor do the work, and let the little wheels drive across your head. Here is a YouTube video by a HeadBlade employee that perfectly illustrates the process. I did find it took a couple of weeks of use to fully adjust to the technique required, but once you become accustomed to the ease of use with the HeadBlade I predict you will never want to use a face razor on your head again. Even before fully adjusting to the HeadBlade, the immediate difference was a much closer shave and smoother head. Razor burn, for me, is non-existent even with daily shaving. I’m currently using the “HB3” triple blade razors by HeadBlade for the Sport, but the Gillette Atra double-blades fit perfectly as well. I’m tending to lean more towards the triple blades over the Atra’s for smoothness, but the Atra’s are still an excellent option and are widely available.

In my experience, I can think of no negatives to the HeadBlade Sport. One caveat I should mention however, is that HeadBlade itself lists the Sport as a “Past Model” on its website. It appears that the company is focusing more on its HeadBlade ATX model, which differs from the Sport by having the blade at the back of the unit rather than at the front. This creates a “drag” effect shave. I do not currently own the ATX, so I cannot compare the two at this time, but I do intend on getting one in the future to try out and review. I’m really dedicated to the Sport, and so far I have not had any issues with obtaining any blades or accessories for that model. Online bald guy forums (they do exist) seem to be split down the middle on comparing the models. I suspect it may just come down to personal preference.

HeadBlade also offers a wide variety of accessories and creams to enhance your shaving experience. Until recently, I hadn’t used any of their creams and lotions but I now use their “HeadSlick” for shaving and “HeadLube” post-shave moisturizer. I recommend trying both products, and for the “HeadLube” I prefer the matte version over the glossy version, but this is a personal aesthetic choice.

Availability of HeadBlade products in retail stores, for myself in Canada, has been a tricky proposition. I was able to purchase my first HeadBlade at a retail store, but subsequent searches for brick and mortar suppliers has been somewhat of a dead end. For Canadians, I recommend visiting and ordering direct. My orders have been shipped lightning fast, and have been 100% accurate every time. I cannot vouch for the U.S. site,, but B+M retail options in the States appear to be more plentiful.

I’m often asked (because people ask bald guys this question often) “Do you miss having hair?” I generally offer this answer, “I miss having the option of hairstyles, but I love being bald”. That’s the absolute truth. Sure, in the winter season it would be nice to be able to have something up there to keep warm other than an array of hats, but there is nothing like the feel of a freshly shaved head! It’s very comfortable and feels very clean, and if you have the visage to accompany it you may have yourself a very impressive appearance to use at your disposal. However, don’t ever assume that lack of hair instantly means an easier morning routine. Proper care of your head and skin is essential and the HeadBlade Sport, along with the other HeadBlade products, are well worth investigating.

Have you had experience with HeadBlade products, or are you a baldy that uses other means to keep your head looking sharp? Let us know in the comments!




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