Recent Blasphemy

Living Vitally is Bad for Blogging

Today was my first day back to work at my day job after a much-needed “staycation” of about 10 days. It was glorious. It’s been an extremely busy year for me, and since I’m in the sales field and on a commission based salary, it is always in my best interest to “strike while the iron is hot” to maximize my income. There are consequences to every action of course, and I found myself fast approaching burnout. Save for occasional long weekend breaks scattered throughout the year, rest has been at a premium. Finally, I would have the chance to operate on my own schedule and spend some of that dough I accumulated from my hard work this year. Indulgence, here I come!

My last day of work before being off was predictably intense, including a LONG, draining, meeting with a major client. The next day was surreal. Since I didn’t plan an exotic destination for ¬†vacation, I still felt like I was “on the clock”. As someone who puts a lot of emphasis on living vitally, this was a sobering feeling. Sure, taking responsibility and working hard to give yourself the best living you can have is important, but my reluctance to really “let go” and enjoy my time of relaxation was a wake up call. Balance, in all things, is mandatory. I will need to remind myself the importance of rest and “unplugging” from the grind once in awhile. It can only benefit me to do so.

Oh my, was there ever indulgence! I’m ordinarily not the type to drink much alcohol. I enjoy it occasionally, but rarely to excess. I think I drank more on this vacation than I have in the past 10 years. This is probably still not a lot compared to some people, but for me I was actually impressed with my performance! I had a blast. It was nearly two weeks straight of friends, fine food, and drink, and I discovered some new-to-me local restaurants that were spectacular. Along the way I also attended a concert by a metal band I have been a fan of for almost 30 years. The timing of their tour stop here could not be better. It was such a great evening of music, and the normally tucked-in Baphomet was outside for the whole night. No doubt due to the environment I was in, no one even asked me about it. It was nice to “fly the colours again”, as it were.

Probably the most fun I had was a day long fiasco involving two separate casinos. The net result of which appears in the photo above. Like drinking, I don’t usually ‘do’ casinos. Thank Satan for that, as I’d be broke within a week.

Of course, being the obsessive “Satanic” type, I made a to-do list for my vacation. Among the tasks on the list was a bunch of household repairs I had neglected, working on various unfinished musical projects, and blogging for The Devil’s Lair. Guess which one didn’t get done? As I quipped on Twitter just at the start of vacation…


No kidding. It got worse. Here’s what I posted a week later…


Yet I didn’t until now. I was having way too much fun.

Vital Existence.

Hail Satan!



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