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Looking For Contributors!

The Devil’s Lair is looking for contributors!

While TDL is still in its early stages right now, we are planning on developing into an online magazine format, or ‘zine’, featuring a wide range of lifestyle topics. The “Satanic angle” need not even be overt, the perceptive ones will get it.

What is your passion in this life? Music? Wine? Art? Mountain climbing? Goat herding? We want to publish articles, by you, that spread your enthusiasm to our readers. As Satanists we don’t proselytize our religion, but!, by all means we want to hear from you why we should watch that film, drink that wine, or see that band. What resonates with you? Sell us on your passion!

Have you applied Lesser or Greater Magic in your own life? We would love to hear about it! What was the situation?

So, to summarize, we are looking for articles on practical application of Satanism and lifestyle (music, art, food, drink, etc.). Please message us here or at our Facebook page for more info.

Cheers! Hail Satan!


Admin, The Devil’s Lair


1 Comment on Looking For Contributors!

  1. Awesome. I am doing something similar as a Google+ community. We are called “Satanic Living” (a play on the long running Southern Living Magazine.) Great concept. Good luck. If there is a way to become involved I’d be interested.


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