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Welcome to The Devil’s Lair!

Greetings and Welcome to The Devil’s Lair! Herein you will soon find articles, blogs and more- all from a Satanic viewpoint.

The aim of this page is to show a true picture of what living as a Satanist is. By “living” we mean truly living! As Satanists, we do not waste our lives foolishly. Satanists embrace life, and all that we find pleasing to ourselves. It is a carnal philosophy of rational self-interest that has been much misunderstood, despite the wealth of information that readily exists for anyone to read.

A “Satanist” is not something you become, or aspire to. It is what you are, and have been, your entire life. If you already identify as a Satanist, you understand the reality of that statement. If you are not a Satanist, that is perfectly fine as well! Please feel free to see The Devil’s Lair as a window into a Satanic existence. Should it inspire you to, perhaps, live¬†your life more passionately…then all the better!

Having said all that, do not expect every article at The Devil’s Lair to be an exercise in gratuitous blasphemy with “Satan” in every paragraph or title. To expect that would completely miss the point, and be boring as hell. Satanism is an atheist religion, plain and simple. “Satan” is only used as a metaphor. If these basic sentences confound you, then it would be wise to continue your research before proceeding further.

While we at The Devil’s Lair are Satanists and adhere to the religion and philosophy as outlined and codified by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966, this site is NOT affiliated with the Church of Satan ( and we do not represent or speak for that organization, although we will have members of the Church contributing here. We do encourage you to visit the Church website, as it has a treasure trove of articles and information pertaining to Satanism that will answer just about any question you may have on the subject.

Thank you for your precious time, and we sincerely hope that your visit here is enlightening and educational.

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The Devil’s Lair



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  1. I’m excited about this, long may it flourish!



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