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Thoughts On Guitar Lust…

I am a guitar addict. There are any number of things other than guitars that are worse for you, but somedays I wish I had a cheaper habit. I consider myself an addict because it’s not just playing the damn things (and after 30 years of playing, I’m still nowhere near where the level I want to be) it’s also about the constant tweaking and maintenance, ordering parts, restoring old beaters, looking at pictures online, and even building them.

I really thought building my own guitars would satisfy that itch to constantly want a new guitar, but if anything it’s made things worse. You learn everything about guitars when building, and subsequently every other guitar I own has gone under the soldering iron in a ridiculous quest for that one minuscule iota of ‘perceived’ improvement on tone. I often feel that working on my guitars puts me in a zen-like state that I’m sure others get from meditation or yoga, or whatever, and I’m sure it has therapeutic benefits…but really all it does is keep me from actually writing music.

At any rate, I mention this as merely a statement of fact. I’m an addict because I love it, and will continue to love guitars despite the cost. I’m even now contemplating ordering a custom axe, long a dream of mine, and I have no doubt I’ll put the plan into motion to acquire one. To dream about something and not do the work to make it happen is pointless in my opinion. Guitars are worth it because they make me happy, and I enjoy everything about them. Isn’t that level of pleasure in life important?

Postscript: This was taken from an old blog I had written a few years back in 2014. The custom guitar did in fact happen, and is pictured above

Hail Satan!


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