Recent Blasphemy
  • Hellabaloo #010- Tchort!

    This week we listen to The Golliwogs, The 427s, The Mojo Caravans, King Ghidora, The Kilaueas, Beach Party Massacre, The 501s, and much more! It’s a hot mess, as Dagon [...]
  • Furious Sound #025- Unprepared

    Furious Sound #025 is a GO! This week we listen to Hatebreed, Swingin’ Utters, Groundwork, Baptists, Gorilla Biscuits, Cassus, Really Red, The Quintessentials and many [...]
  • RCI: Citizen Matt

    In case you missed it, your humble host was a guest on Speak of the Devil with Rev. Campbell! Please feel free to give Rev. Campbell a follow on his YouTube channel, and if [...]
  • Hellabaloo #009- Angles Not Angels

    This week we listen to The Bad Signs, The Raveonettes, Slowcoaches, Black Rainbows, Los Bravos, Grenadiers, Black Magic Beach Party, and many more! It must be a day that ends [...]
  • Furious Sound #024- Dutch

    This week, it’s a theme episode as we listen to NOFX, The Exploited, Dead Kennedys, Government Issue, Iron Chic, TSOL, Murphy’s Law, and more! 27 tracks in total, [...]
  • Hellabaloo #008- Buffet

    This week we listen to The Whiffs, The Freeks, Tyger Lamb, RRRags, The Wombombs, Dead Cells, Twink, and more! It’s an infernal smorgasbord of rock, sushi, and [...]
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